ICP Capital Investments
Bridging Capital and Return


ICP Capital Investments advises clients in solving the following business issues in Japan through global investment portfolio diversification.


Shrinking population due to the low birthrate has led to a shrinking markets, and the Japanese domestic market is getting more competitive.


Shrinking and saturated market have slowed down the growth rates, raising the hurdles to grow the corporate value.


Under such circumstances of a shrinking market and slowing growth in Japan, opportunities for organic and inorganic growth are decreasing.


CEO Bambang Indrawan Cahya Putra

  • Experiences in M​​&A advisory business at financial advisory firms, securities companies in Japan and Indonesia, investment banks and also experience in establishing financial advisory business at a startup company
  • Strong track record in origination (deal sourcing, etc.) and execution (corporate valuation, structuring, etc.) of large number cross-border M&A deals in a wide range of sectors
  • Multicultural and multilingual background and is fluent in Japanese, English, and Indonesian languages
  • Graduated from the University of Tokyo



Inorganic Growth

  • M&A, JV, capital and business alliance related advisory services


  • Venture company financing, venture capital investment target selection, entry and exit support

Overseas expansion

  • Business expansion to Southeast Asian countries (especially Indonesia with unparalleled market potential)


Conventional investments

  • Forex trading
  • Domestic and overseas securities

Alternative investments

  • Overseas ventures
  • Overseas real estate investment



Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)

  • BKPM was established in 2009 by the Government of Indonesia as a non-ministerial government agency reporting directly to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, mandated as primary interface between business and government
  • The role of BKPM is to facilitate an investment-friendly environment and promote domestic and foreign direct investment in Indonesia
  • BKPM’s goal is not only to seek more domestic and foreign investment but also seek quality investments that may drive the Indonesian economy and absorb a lot of manpower
RIZ Consulting

RITZ Corpora Indonesia (RITZ)

  • RITZ is an Indonesian consulting company offering variety of services to private enterprises,state-owned enterprises, banks, financial institutions, etc.
  • Offers a wide range of services relating to all type of business transactions with practice specialization on management consulting, financial and legal advisory such as project finance, dispute resolution, bankruptcy and insolvency, private equity, bank financing, business restructuring, M&A, etc.
RIZ Consulting

Renewable Capital Partners Co., Ltd. (RCP)

  • RCP is an ESG fund management company based in Southeast Asia.
  • Founded in 2020 by experienced experts in alternative investments and renewable energy in Southeast Asia.
  • Has strong support from Indonesian family offices with accumulated assets of billions of dollars.
  • The series of funds managed by RCP are dedicated funds to develop the renewable energy power generations in Southeast Asia through Renewable Energy IPP Platform Company.


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