ICP Capital Investments
Bridging Capital and Return


ICP Capital Investments advices clients in solving the following business issues in Japan through global investment portfolio diversification.


Shrinking population due to the low birthrate has led to a shrinking market, and the Japanese domestic market is getting more competitive.


Shrinking and saturated market have slowed down the growth, raising the hurdles to grow the corporate value.


Under such circumstances of shrinking market and slowing growth in Japan, opportunities for organic and inorganic growth are decreasing.


CEO Bambang Indrawan Cahya Putra

  • Experiences in M​​&A advisory business at financial advisory firms, securities companies in Japan and Indonesia, investment bank and also experience in establishing financial advisory business at a startup company
  • Strong track record in origination (deal sourcing, etc.) and execution (corporate valuation, structuring, etc.) of large number cross-border M&A deals in a wide range of sectors
  • Multicultural and multilingual background and is fluent in Japanese, English, and Indonesian languages
  • Graduated from the University of Tokyo



Inorganic Growth

  • M&A, JV, capital and business alliance related advisory services


  • Venture company financing, venture capital investment target selection, entry and exit support

Overseas expansion

  • Business expansion to Southeast Asian countries (especially Indonesia with unparalleled market potential)


Conventional investments

  • Forex trading
  • Domestic and overseas securities

Alternative investments

  • Overseas ventures
  • Overseas real estate investment


  • 01


    Biomass project investment in Indonesia

    ID: IDR01

    Release date: N/A

    ■ HQ: Samarinda, Indonesia
    ■ Business: Biomass (wood pellets)
      largest scale in Indonesia
    ■ Project size: c.USD70mn
    ■ Long-term Japanese off-taker (2023-2042)
    ■ Scheme (flexible):
     ⇒ Project finance (high return)
     ⇒ Equity finance
     ⇒ Preferred convertible note

  • 02


    Fundraising of HR solutions platform in Southeast Asia

    ID: SGD02

    Release date: N/A

    ■ HQ: Singapore
    ■ 1st development: Indonesia, Philippines and
    ■ 2nd development: Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia
    ■ 3rd development: Malaysia, USA, Eastern Europe
    ■ Acquired users in collaboration with major
      Japanese companies and local conglomerates
    ■ Provides services in four digital fields:
     1. Expenditure
     2. Digital Investment
     3. Digital Protection
     4. Digital Mortgage
    ■ Fundraising: c.USD 10mn

  • 03


    Third party allotment by integrated ICT company in Indonesia

    ID: IDR03

    Release date: N/A

    ■ Established: 2000
    ■ Product & services:
     ⇒ Big Data: scalable hadoop data processing, scalable
       real-time data processing
     ⇒ High Tech: coastal surveillance radar, weather
       radar, geo radar, OTH radar, AIS system
     ⇒ Hybrid: surveillance, frameware with multi-sensor
       fusion, vessel traffic services devices for part
    ■ Partner in technology: IBM, Doosan, Hanhwa,
      Scytalys, Havelsan, etc.
    ■ Collaboration with reputable universities in

  • 04


    Sale of hospital business in Indonesia

    ID: IDR04

    Release date: N/A

    ■ Location: Surabaya (2nd largest city in Indonesia)
    ■ Number of beds: 80
    ■ General surgery, Gastroenterological surgery,
      Urology, Neurosurgery, Plastic surgery, Orthopedics,
      Pediatrics, Otorhinolaryngology, Oral surgery,
      24-hour emergency unit, etc.
    ■ Facilities: MRI, CT-scan, pharmacy, cafe, etc.
    ■ Land area: 4,500 m2
    ■ Building area: 6,446 m2
    ■ Status: Ownership (SHM)
    ■ Deal size: IDR 400bn (c.USD 27mn)

  • 05

    Consumer / Fintech

    Fundraising of healthy food business in Indonesia via ICO

    ID: IDR05

    Release date: N/A

    ■ HQ: Jakarta, Indonesia
    ■ Business: High nutrition food for infants
    ■ Phase 1: Expand to 26.8 mn children through
      280,000 health center nationwide
    ■ Phase 2: Expand to India, China, Nigeria,
      Pakistan, Bangladesh and Ethiopia
    ■ Fundraising: USD 45 - 50mn
    ■ Scheme: ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

  • 06


    Fundraising of medical platform in Indonesia

    ID: IDR06

    Release date: N/A

    ■ Business: B2B and B2C medical platform
      (electronic medical records, digital payments,
      insurance, etc.) and wearables
    ■ Fundraising: c.USD 3 - 5mn
      (pre-money valuation c.USD 15mn)
    ■ Backups from the government:
      ⇒ State-owned bank (Bank Mandiri)
      ⇒ National Health Insurance Organization (BPJS)
      ⇒ Ministry of Health
      ⇒ Military hospitals, etc.
    ■ Obtained nationwide project from the government
      for developing a system (Corona Monitoring and
      Management System) to visualize Covid-19
      infected people

  • 07

    Venture Capital

    Sale of conglomerate-owned VC in Indonesia

    ID: IDR07

    Release date: N/A

    ■ Conglomerates wish to exit non-core VC business
    ■ Scope: Wholly (VC license + portfolio companies)
      or partially (part of portfolio companies)
    ■ VC license only is also considerable
    ■ Deal size: USD 10 - 20mn

  • 08


    Fundraising of P2P lending business in Indonesia

    ID: IDR08

    Release date: N/A

    ■ HQ: Jakarta, Indonesia
    ■ Business: P2P micro lending
    ■ Established: 2014
    ■ License: Obtained "P2P Permanent License"
      from OJK (Indonesia Financial Services Agency)
    ■ Fundraising:
      ⇒ Debt: USD 3mm (USD-denominated, return 12%)
      ⇒ Equity: USD 2 - 3mn

  • 09


    Sale of Cambodia first AI-based micro lending platform

    ID: KHR09

    Release date: N/A

    ■ Cambodia's first AI-based credit scoring service
    ■ In-house financing business and licensing business
      for financial institutions
    ■ Founded in 2017, launched app in 2019,
      expanded to Myanmar in early 2020
    ■ 350,000 app downloads totaling USD 1.5mn
      loan execution and recovery rate 90%
    ■ Sale of partial (majority) or 100% shares
    ■ Deal size: USD 8 - 9mn

  • 10

    Real Estate

    Sale of 5-star hotel in Bali

    ID: IDR10

    Release date: N/A

    ■ Grade: 5 stars
    ■ Location: Gianyar, Bali
      (c.45 minutes from the airport)
    ■ Deal size: IDR 500bn (c.USD 33mn)
    ■ Sale of 100% shares
    ■ Land area: 18,391㎡
    ■ Building area: 9,161㎡

  • 11

    Real Estate

    Sale of complex facilities in Jakarta

    ID: IDR11

    Release date: N/A

    ■ 4 hotels and 1 commercial facility on the premises
      ⇒ 1st hotel: 4 star, 362 guest rooms
      ⇒ 2nd hotel: 3 star, 211 guest rooms
      ⇒ 3rd hotel: 3 star, 154 guest rooms
      ⇒ 4th hotel: 2 star, 250 guest rooms
      ⇒ Commercial facility: shopping malls, movie
        theaters, VIP lounge, multipurpose hall, etc.
    ■ Location: Business center district in North Jakarta
      (c.24km from the airport)
    ■ Developed by Indonesia's largest developer
    ■ Deal size: c.USD 150mn

  • 12

    Real Estate

    Sale of office building in Jakarta

    ID: IDR12

    Release date: N/A

    ■ Located at Kuningan area, central business district
      east side of Sudirman area
    ■ Constructed in 2018
    ■ Land area: 3,300㎡
    ■ Building area: 31,412㎡ (15 floors)
    ■ Deal size: IDR 800bn (c.USD 53mn)

  • 13

    Real Estate

    Sale of 4-star hotel in Bali

    ID: IDR13

    Release date: N/A

    ■ Grade: 4 star (world famous brand)
    ■ Location: Kuta, Bali (c.15 mins from the airport)
    ■ Deal size: IDR 250 (c.USD 17mn)
    ■ Sale of 100% shares
    ■ Land area: 3,630㎡
    ■ Building area: 11,966㎡

  • 14

    Real Estate

    Sale of 5-star resort hotel in Bali

    ID: IDR14

    Release date: N/A

    ■ Grade: 5 star
    ■ Location: Nusa Dua, Bali (c.15 mins from the airport)
    ■ Deal size: USD 55mn
    ■ Sale of 100% shares
    ■ Land area: 6,462㎡
    ■ Building area: 8,870㎡

  • 15

    Real Estate

    Sale of 5-star hotel in Jakarta

    ID: IDR15

    Release date: N/A

    ■ Grade: 5 star (world famous brand)
    ■ Location: Central Jakarta
    ■ Constructed in 2005
    ■ Deal size: IDR 150 (c.USD 17mn)
    ■ Building area: 62,803㎡ (26 floors)
    ■ Guest rooms: 333 (incl. 37 suites)

  • 16

    Real Estate

    Sale of 5-star hotel in Bali

    ID: IDR16

    Release date: N/A

    ■ Grade: 5 star
    ■ Location: Nusa Dua, Bali (c.25 mins from the airport)
    ■ Deal size: c.USD 700mn
    ■ Land area: 32ha
    ■ Guest rooms: 745 (incl. 526 suites, 108 villas)

  • 17

    Golf Course

    Sale of golf course near Jakarta

    ID: IDR17

    Release date: N/A

    ■ Location: Tangerang, Indonesia (c.60km from the
    ■ Land area: c.75ha
    ■ Holes: 18
    ■ Length: 7,020 yards
    ■ Par: 72

  • 18


    Sale of shares in IPP (hydropower) company in Indonesia

    ID: IDR18

    Release date: N/A

    ■ HQ: Jakarta, Indonesia
    ■ Business: Renewable energy (hydro power)
    ■ Project size: USD200 - 300mn
    ■ PPA in place with PLN (Indonesia state-owned
      electricity company)
    ■ Current capacity: c. 50MW (3 power plants)
    ■ Potential capacity increase of c.100MW via
      acquisition of biomass and solar power plants
    ■ Future capacity: 200MW (3 power plants)



Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)

  • BKPM was established in 2009 by the Government of Indonesia as a non-ministerial government agency reporting directly to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, mandated as primary interface between business and government
  • The role of BKPM is to facilitate an investment-friendly environment and promote domestic and foreign direct investment in Indonesia
  • BKPM’s goal is not only to seek more domestic and foreign investment but also seek quality investments that may drive the Indonesian economy and absorb a lot of manpower


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